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Vote for the best dressed in guild!
Reignsdown‘s [Moon Prism Power, Makeup!] (7/20)
Mairee‘s [Snow White and the Asura] (5/20)
Mairee‘s [Tony Stark/Iron Man] (5/20)
Serena Sedai‘s [...but I was gone on vacation] (2/20)
Kethravaris‘ [Lovely Flower Maid] (3/20)
Shade‘s [Always Learning] (4/20)
Shade‘s [The Princess] (4/20)
Shade‘s [I‘m Batsura] (6/20)
Lance‘s [Necromancer] (7/20)
Lance‘s [Engineer] (1/20)
Lance‘s [Warrior] (1/20)
Pichon‘s [Guardian] (1/20)
Pichon‘s [Asura] (1/20)
Pichon‘s [Noble Flower] (2/20)
Johnny‘s [Necromancer Daenerys] (3/20)
Johnny‘s [Paris Hilton] (0/20)
Anderp‘s [Angry Old Manderp] (3/20)
Valkkerie‘s [Agnes Oblige + Assphoto bomb] (5/20)
Mairee‘s [Samus Aran] (7/20)
Sumirae‘s [Sylvari] (4/20)
Porchllama‘s [Mystery Character] (3/20)
Charlais‘ [Howl Pendragon] (5/20)
Deathneko‘s [Pouncy Von Waffles] (9/20)
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