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re: Officers Unlocked! - January, February 2016 


This post is first in a series of monthly updates where the main points of officer discussion and decisions in the prior month are outlined to keep everyone abreast of the matters that our on our radar. Names, specific promotion discussions, and disciplinary actions are sanitized from these notes, as the intention is to lend transparency to our decisions, not incriminate or highlight members as being points of commendation or concern. 

If, after reading this month's summary, you feel there is an issue, concern, or suggestion that we should be talking about, please do contact an officer to let us know! And don't hesitate to ask any questions if you don't quite understand something -- one of the officers will come in and do their best to clarify. Not comfortable posting it publicly? Feel free to contact us in private. 

At the core of it, we're here to help facilitate the best community experience that we can for YAK. We can't do this without y'all. 

Schedule & Standbys 
The standyby policy was revised in early 2016 to account for feedback; please see this thread for details. The standby lottery will commence at 18:50 PST on raid nights to facilitate more timely start times. Lottery entries to be whispered to avoid number selection bias. Sumi is looking at ways to keep the standby rotation dynamic so that all players get to play with all other players in the guild raid group, not just a certain set all the time. 

Guild Launch Options 
Salad is fiddling with the raid options provided by guild launch to see if we can use it as a central resource for classes/roles available, etc. 

Regular rotation members need ascended weapons and trinkets. Lottery standby parties need ascended trinkets and exotic gear at least. 

Progression Concerns 
The raid group hit a progression wall with Sabetha; much discussion on the solution to this wall. Group composition concluded as good, but concerns with mechanics. Mechanics were hard tested one raid night; group improved significantly by focusing on the mechanics. Baseline data obtained from streamlined members (trial/bonus raids) and videos being reviewed to see where we can optimize/smooth things. 

Note that specific suggestions, compliments, and concerns brought to officers re: raids/compositions/etc are not included here so as to comply with the sanitization outlined at the top of this post. 

Cat GIFs, awesome songs; keep it pumped! Discussed ways to help morale, encourage positive discussions. Slowed progression due to learning new mechanices/classes noted as a possible source of frustration to more experienced players. Discussed how to address this while respecting the time/experience group? Discussion ongoing. 

Composition Changes 
Frequent changes to the group's compsition in a single night causes delays, instabilities. Concluded that we will stick with one composition for a few attempts more before changing classes/roles. Said changes will be the raid commander's jursidiction; suggestions are encouraged, but we will ask members wait for confirmation from the commander before actually switching. 

Officers to encourage people to develop classes they like/are comfortable with in a way that contributes to the raid. We are casual, not META META, so we want to find a balance between fun and effective. 

Schedule - Weekend? 
Discussed a raid night on weekends; Sumi posted in the raid forum to ask for someone to lead this. Jake and Sumi are occupied with the two nights we have and Salad does not have the ability to lead a weekend group. Discussed changing the evening raid times; concluded it is not viable. 

Expectations Compliance 
Discussed how to promote and ensure compliance with raid guidelines to ensure all group members are being treated equally. Monitor participants for compliance with mechanics; monitor participants for quality of consumables; random private gear checks; consider multi-strike system that would ultimately remove repeat offenders. Concluded we will not require DPS meter for multiple reasons; core are that it technically is not included in the TOS and that it discourages build variations in favour of DPS. Still discussing. 

Jun - Availability 
Jun has requested to be demoted to deputy until his time/schedule opens up. Discussed whether an additional deputy/officer should be promoted at this time; we will continue with the three officer system for the time being.  This has since been reviewed and an announcement is forthcoming.

Guild Recruiting 
Sumi going to look at recruiting options in the future. We're open to suggestion as well. 

Bank Permissions 
Permissions for withdrawing changed after incident where items were withdrawn wholesale and not used for guild activities/pursuits. There is a permissions issue where no permissions can be set for the bottommost tier; only veterans and up can currently access any part of the bank until this is fixed. 

Veterans and up can change the music (permissions adjusted accordingly). 

Veterans have decorations permission and can claim a non-common area for a "home" in the guild hall; check the claim thread for taken spots. Officers and Dolyak Designer should be the only ones decorating the common areas (tavern, arrival, etc). 

Officers can and will use guild funds to cover some upgrade costs. If a material has become ridiculously pricy, avoid burning funds on that. Proposed a raffle for guild hall upgrade materials using the high-value donations to the guild bank as prizes. How to organize discussed; must find a way to track it, identify the value of entries. Discussion ongoing. 

Forum Updates 
Discussions of whether to post weekly updates re: raid and missions, etc; no firm decision on how much/too much. The YAK twitter account is in Salad's hands and she's used it some. Login data can be made available to all officers.  The YAK website and TS3 has since come into Salad's permissions.

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