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re: Current Events AP - Leyline Research (June 1, 2016)


Whoops, I fell behind on these.  Here's the second-most-recent batch of current event AP details.  I'll follow this up with the June 14th current events when some more information is available.

Warning: These are likely previews/foreshadowing for Living Story Season 3; SPOILERS may follow.

General Information & Guides
GW2  - Release Notes - June 1, 2016  
Dulfy - Leyline Research AP Guide   

There are four hidden achievements that were added to the Current Events category of achievements.  You must unlock progress on each of these achievements in order to be able to see them in the AP panel of your hero window.  Total of 26 base AP can be unlocked.

First Step
Head to Blazeridge Steppes as there are three events and associated escort non-events that occur on a ~15 minute timer.  You are, in essence, helping the Priory or the Consortium in preventing Inquest from exploiting leyline energy.  There are times when you'll be helping both if the escorts happen to spawn to the same event.

The events themselves occur in three specific areas, found:

[&BAQCAAA=] - North, near the ruins of the wall.
[&BAUCAAA=] - South East, on the plateau.
[&BFIDAAA=] - South East, on the plateau nearby.

You can identify the events by the presence of an invulnerable Inquest Scientist that appears to be studying something.  While it is ultimately useful, it's worth a giggle to lay a persistent lava font under them to pass the time.

However, as some of the achievements depends on whether you are helping the Priory or the Consortium, it can be better to wait where the alliance-specific party starts from so that you can follow them to their event and work on the research achievement for that specific group (you have to collect 30 ley energy per alliance).  In this case, head:

[&BPkBAAA=] - Consortium; look for Manager Flinzz
[&BAUCAAA=] - Priory; look for Magister Keadin

The escorts will start from these locations, but the escorts are not actual events.  You must note when they leave and follow them at a snail's pace to their destination, at which point the event will spawn.

You will earn one tome of Tyrian mastery experience for completing the base event ten times and one for preventing the Inquest from getting any ley energy during a single event.  Complete the Priory energy collection for a keg of liquid karma and a gold for doing the same for the Consortium.

The energy collection achievement was made easier by the energy drops being player specific instead of map specific.  This means less squabbling when PUG #1,389 goes for the energy you wanted.

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