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re: Guild Hall - Decoration Permissions!


Starting December 1, 2015, all veterans in the guild have access to guild hall decorations and the ability to place/remove them. This change is to specifically allow for all veterans the ability to decorate a room or alcove with Lost Precipice specific to their toons! There are many little corners, crevasses, and sandy beaches in the ruins that veterans can peruse for the claiming, so please take a look around and pick your poison!

(Or, in Fern's case, your torture room.)

These permissions are being granted with the understanding that all veterans will abide by the following guildines:

A. Common/large open areas are not to be decorated/redecorated;

B. Placed decorations are not to be removed from common areas, open expanses, or other guild members' alcoves/"homes";

C. Decorations used in your space are to be crafted/donated to the guild by you;

D. Trolling of other members's spaces is not to be done; AND

E. Please be mindful of the space of others and don't infringe (personal bubbles).

There is a lot of space in Lost Precipice and the option to expand it even further, so don't worry about finding a place all your own -- it's probably already waiting for you!

At this time, there will be no central tracking of what space is claimed by which veteran. If you see decorations in a strange place, it's safe to assume that a veteran has claimed it.

This shift in decorating permissions is going to run on an honour system. If issues occur that you cannot resolve in a positive fashion, please send an in-game message to one of the officers and we will review the permissions and situation. As such, these changes to the permissions are still subject to, strangely enough, changes as we sort out the impact.

Commencing December 1, 2015 there is a special rank called DOLYAK DESIGNER! The rank will be a temporary promotion of sorts, with the member(s) in this rank being rotated out a quarterly basis. DOLYAK DESIGNERS have have design authority and permissions for the open/common areas of the guild hall, using all of the decorations available to the guild that are NOT currently placed or claimed by a veteran for their personal space.

What can a DOLYAK DESIGNER do? Anything! But they are subject to the following guidelines:

A. Veterans alcoves/homes are not to be decorated/redecorated by the designer;

B. Trolling of access to vendors, arenas, veterans spaces, etc is not to be done;

C. We are all adults, but building a giant phallus just beyond the entryway reeeeeeeally should be vetted by the officers first (use your common sense on when to ask an officer to clear any ideas that members may find offensive);

D. DOLYAK DESIGNERS are expected to respect the thoughts and opinions of other designers during their rotation.

If you are interested in being a DOLYAK DESIGNER, please send an in-game mail to Taysyl and she will add you to the rotation. At this time, only one member will be designer at a time. If there is a lot of interested parties, this may be increased to allow for fair rotation.

Please note that deputies and officers retain the right and permissions to adjust decorations in the guild hall. We are going to avoid messing with design plans, but if something needs to be moved to facilitate upgrades, etc, we will do so while keeping the impact to the intended design minimal.

Effective December 1st, Salad (that's me!) has gone through and removed all of the pumpkins from the common areas as they are the most easily accessed decoration. If you have previously donated pumpkins, they should now be available for you to place. If you have previously donated one or more of the other decorations currently placed and you want it for your personal use, please let an officer know and we'll action your request. (Salad also claimed an alcove and placed the 8 pumpkins she donated in it as tribute to Mordremoth.)

The statues in the guild hall decorations inventory that are placed can be moved/tweaked by the first DOLYAK DESIGNER, but this rank is currently open! Shoot Taysyl an in-game mail if you are interested in being our first designer. The rank will be chosen by guild missions this week, at the latest!

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