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Professor Yakkington welcomes you to the Yakkington Institute.

TS3 SERVER: yakkington.teamspeak3.com - Password available in the 'message of the day' on the guild panel.
TWITTER: @YAKInstitute
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/431037523697233/

We're a casual PvE focused Guild Wars 2 guild on the North American server Sorrow's Furnace. Formed in December of 2012, we're a diverse group of players who recognize that a game should be fun. Our goal is to help others enjoy the game as much as we do.

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Changes to Deputy Rank

by Sumirae, 426 days ago

We're making some changes to the deputy rank. In the past, deputy was a probationary role for members being considered for the officer position. For the most part, the officer and deputy responsibilities were the same and it was expected that a deputy would one day become an officer. We felt that this rank was no longer fulfilling our needs as a guild.

The new deputy role will fill the gap between veterans and officers. It is a way for us to acknowledge members who consistently provide assistance and leadership during guild events. Deputies will be expected to participate in guild missions fairly often and must also be willing to lead events such as training raid. While deputies may be approached for input on administrative subjects, access to the administrative forums will not be included in this rank.

The rank of deputy is not a precursor to an officer role. When looking for a new officer we will consider veterans and deputies equally.

Feel free to post if you have any questions!

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